How much does stucco cost per square foot?

A stucco job can cost you more in the long run if you’re not using a reputable stucco contractor to begin with.

We get this question all the time. Actually, before some callers even say hello, we’re right in the middle of our answer. And we say right in the middle because it’s not an quick reply.

Here’s our best explanation. But keep in mind that each project is different and comes with its own set of pricing rules. Simply using this for budgeting measures will keep your accounting safe but it’s by no means a final answer.

An EIFS job done properly will cost you between $9-10 a square foot. Any less and you’re compromising the functionality of your wall. EIFS is an intricate wall system, one that you definitely don’t want to skimp on considering it covers the most valuable investment of your life.

It’s scary to get calls from homeowners who tell us they have received quotes of $6 or even scarier, $5 per square foot. And worst of all, they think it’s a deal. It’s easy to give in to the lowest price but what we need to realise is we get what we pay for.

Take this into account;

Cost of materials: $4.50 per sq. ft. minimum
Labour: $3.00 per sq. ft. minimum

Right there, you’re at $7.50 per sq. ft. And that’s not including other costs incurred (ie: setup, clean up, gas to and from suppliers etc). If you’re getting below market rate prices, you really have to ask “How?” instead of saying, “Yes”.

How ever they do it, if it’s using below grade materials or using tactics to stretch the spread of their materials, the only one destined to lose is you. Failure is not pretty in any capacity let alone on your home. It’s costly.

Note: If you’re considering a non-EIFS system, that meaning stucco over masonry without the use of foam insulation, current market rate is $7.00 per sq. ft. This is assuming the state of your masonry is in average condition. Extra costs can come into play if repairs need to be done to damaged areas before applying the base coat.

You should also take this into account;

Cost of stucco repairs: $50-100 per sq. ft.

Don’t gamble with your home.

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Until our next post.

3 thoughts on “How much does stucco cost per square foot?

  1. I was stucco foreman for 4 years and every time I would ask about pricing jobs, They would never tell me what it was worth. They knew I wanted to go out on my own because many of the job supers would tell them how good I was at not only my job, but my overall demeanor. That is hard to find in construction as many foreman are just screaming idiots that never learned how to treat people with respect and dignity. It’s nothing like working at a business type office. I wanted to know more about pricing. I would love to get back in the game. Where I am there is no competition at all and once people that now me hear that I’m back, I will get a lot of calls for jobs. Can you tell me how to go about the pricing part of eifs? Like does the cost per sq ft go up as you go higher up in the air with either staging or lift buckets. Any help would be a great help to me. Thank you for your time and being patient with my drawn out letter,,Lol.. R. Grady.

  2. we are bidding on a stucco repair/paint job and need help on material list and amounts for approx. 1000 sq.ft.

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